Leave the gates closed. I love that Sorry Ms Jackson Instrumental. Sometimesit makes me write bullshit. Like this.

Count your blessings When the bullshit leaves The Attitudes And lies you aint need Im looking out for me You should do the same thing Always getting married But ya never get the wedding ring Or hop that broom Or crush that glass No honeymoons When your attitude’s bad Need 2 Self reflect or self destruct All alone in the world And nobody gives a fuck Lookin for the niggas in life You done shat on Ima be in line So I can get my laugh on Life has a way of equaling out Ima Be with the next chick Beating it out Im on some next shit Figure it out Im not vexed, shit Just speakin it out I move on, forget things And cut losses I dont dangle on strings Im a boss bitch Just one of my ideas Is worth a million bucks My cheapest idea Allowed us to fuck I spray on cologne Then ya cluckcluckcluck Im not a mean motherfucker Just tired as hell How many fingers did I need To count all the lies ya tell.